Alamo Springs Doesn’t Disappoint

Made another annual stop at Alamo Springs Cafe, south of Fredericksburg.  Much better experience this time that the previous trip, where we waited for 2 hrs for food to arrive at our table, as we watched angry patrons get up and leave after similar waits.  The lax attitude is expected here, but the 2hr marathon wait was a bit much.

This time, we found a table immediatley, were greeted by the friendly nose-ringed waitress and got our food within about 20 minutes.  And it was as good as ever.  Can’t say I’ve had a burger of this sort in Austin.  It’s a half pound at least of griddled beef that stays on the well-seasoned griddle long enough to form a very nice crust.  This is the proper way to cook a griddle burger.  None of the griddle-burger places in Austin that I frequent achieve this kind of crust.  Hopdoddy should be taking notes.

My burger was a bit overcooked, but even then, it was still very very juicy and delicious.

Recommend a visit if you’re out Fredericksburg way.

Alamo Springs Cafe Fries and Onion Rings

Competent Sides

Alamo Springs Cafe Green Chile Cheeseburger

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Alamo Springs Cafe Burger


Alamo Springs Cafe Griddle

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