Made it out to Culver’s on Braker/Kramer for the first time in a few years.  Used to go fairly often when my office was closer.  Decided to check up on them.  Still the same–good quality fast food burger, weak fries, no Coke, Pepsi.

Culver’s is a chain based in Wisconsin, with two Austin locations.  Their claim to fame is the “ButterBurger”, which appears to be a regional burger style from the midwest.  Sollys Grill in Milwaukee seems to have invented it, and unlike at Culver’s, butter plays a very prominent role in their burger.  Photos of Solly’s butter burger show the burger practically floating in a pool of butter.  I found no evidence of butter on my Culver’s burger, so I guess they are paying homage in name only.  But they do boast fresh, never frozen beef, and burgers are cooked to order.  Plus they have cheddar, which is a rarity at QSRs.

The burger reminds me quite a bit of Freddy’s, another chain that has recently entered the Austin market.  Both offer pretty thin/smashed patties, with the default offering a double patty burger.  Freddy’s does not have cheddar though.

Overall, a quality fast food burger.  Pluses: cheddar (did I mention that already?), roomy booths (room for six), table delivery, clean environs.

Minuses: weak fries, no Coke, Pepsi.  And still a fast food burger.

But I’m a fan.

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Culver's Austin Cheeseburger


Culver's Austin Cheeseburger

Cheddar (but wish it were a bit more melted)!

Culver's Austin Cheeseburger

Edge Detail — a Bit of Crisping

Culver's Austin Cheeseburger

Under the Hood — Weak Tomato

Culver's Austin Cheeseburger

Cross Section — Bottom Veggie Placement

Culver's Austin Fries