Austin Fuddrucker’s Closings 

Was not aware, but Fuddrucker’s has gone into bankruptcy.  As a result, they are closing several restaurants nationwide.  Details available at a special site they set up for bankruptcy info.  They are closing the one on Anderson Lane and one near Highland Mall.  The one on South Lamar remains open.  And “no franchisee-owneed or operated restaurants are affected,” which I assume includes the location in Cedar Park.

I recall when Fuddrucker’s first opened here, there used to be sides of beef hanging at the entry of the restaurant, visible through a large window that looked into the cooler.  We used to call it “Bloodrucker’s“.  Last time I went (which was to the Cedar Park location), I thought the burger was good–fresh tasting–but the price was too high for burger + fries + drink.  And the fries are weak–soggy and limp.  Good bun though (made onsite).

Hopefully they can recover.