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  • Chris 2:14 pm on February 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Svante’s Stuffed Burger Truck 

    Due to the temporary closure of our company cafeteria, The Bistro, lovingly referred to by some employees as “The Shitstro,” there are food trucks coming in daily to nourish us hungry knowledge workers.  We were graced today by Svante’s Stuffed Burger Truck, and it did not disappoint.  Fresh fries, cooked well (not limp or soggy), nice size burger patty (grass-fed of course), good toppings (I got the All-American Burger).  Only complaint was the slighty herby taste to the burger, which I think can be attributed to the bun.  Could do without that distraction.

    They offer several fancy-pants burgers, which I shun, so can’t comment on the bacon-onion jam or jalapeño havarti options.

    Also, I saw no evidence of any “stuffage” on my burger (no molten cheese center, eg), so not sure why the name is “stuffed burgers.”  Regardless, quality food truck burger.

    The Truck

    The Truck

    Good Fries

    Good Fries



    Svante's Stuffed Burgers

    Still good despite Topping Inversion




    Cross Section

    Cross Section

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    Smashburger: Good 

    Checked out the new Smashburger up at Lakeline today, second day of business.  Wasn’t sure what to expect as a Smashburger virgin.  There is one way south in Austin, but I never get down that way.

    The space is somewhat small–not quite enough seating methinks for the inevitable lunch crowds.  Booths are not very comfortable either–backs are vertical, so feels strange sitting in one.

    No combo meals offered.  I got the Classic Smash cheeseburger, substituting cheddar for American.  YES, they have cheddar!  Added regular fries (not the “smashfries” variety, with rosemary, which does not sound appealing).  Burger was quite delicious.  Is 1/3 lb–a good size for a lunchtime burger–and griddled of course.  Beef tasted fresh, and…beefy.  Veggies good.  Bun good.  Fries are frozen unfortunately, but they give you an ample supply, and they are actually pretty tasty for frozen–very thin and crusty.

    Overall pleased with the food.  Agree with AHT assessment.  Good addition to the lunch options here up north.

    Smashburger Austin Lakeline cheeseburger

    Classic Smash


    Smashburger Austin Lakeline cheeseburger

    Crustage detail


    Smashburger Austin Lakeline

    • Chihwa 11:33 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I want to try here next time. This site is pretty cool!

  • Chris 6:53 pm on April 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Alamo Springs Doesn’t Disappoint 

    Made another annual stop at Alamo Springs Cafe, south of Fredericksburg.  Much better experience this time that the previous trip, where we waited for 2 hrs for food to arrive at our table, as we watched angry patrons get up and leave after similar waits.  The lax attitude is expected here, but the 2hr marathon wait was a bit much.

    This time, we found a table immediatley, were greeted by the friendly nose-ringed waitress and got our food within about 20 minutes.  And it was as good as ever.  Can’t say I’ve had a burger of this sort in Austin.  It’s a half pound at least of griddled beef that stays on the well-seasoned griddle long enough to form a very nice crust.  This is the proper way to cook a griddle burger.  None of the griddle-burger places in Austin that I frequent achieve this kind of crust.  Hopdoddy should be taking notes.

    My burger was a bit overcooked, but even then, it was still very very juicy and delicious.

    Recommend a visit if you’re out Fredericksburg way.

    Alamo Springs Cafe Fries and Onion Rings

    Competent Sides

    Alamo Springs Cafe Green Chile Cheeseburger

    Green Chile Cheeseburger

    Alamo Springs Cafe Burger


    Alamo Springs Cafe Griddle

    Where the Magic Happens




  • Chris 7:16 am on February 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Hopdoddy North 

    Made it out to the hoppin’ Hoppdoddy’s new north location.  We got there early enough to avoid the crowd.  When we left, there was a line out front.  Burger was good, but nothing great.  All fresh in-house made stuff (bun, beef, even ketchup).  Maine Root on tap.  Hipster vibe.  Burger was good, but did not cross over into greatness territory.  Bun was too sweet.  Burger was too perfectly round (handled by machine?).  Lacked sufficient crust and beefy flavor.  Fries good!

    Agree with A Hamburger Today’s assessment for the most part.  Everything looks and sounds great, but it just doesn’t come together as one would expect to produce a stellar burger.

    Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

    Fries Good

    Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

    Burger not bad…but should be “great”


    Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

    Under the hood–patty too perfectly round, lack of crust


    Hopdoddy Burger

    Cross section, decently cooked (sign of pink remaining)

    • Alex 3:33 pm on February 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      You should review Wholly Cow Burgers! Best grass-fed burger in Austin!

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    In the Buns Update 

    First trip back to In the Buns since they were sold. A few cosmetic changes have been made, all positive in my view. The interior is much more inviting –no more chain link fence around the kitchen area, tables are larger, most of the flower sculptures are gone (I guess they left a few as a nod to the original decor), and there are booths along one wall.  All in all, they have softened the place up a bit.  Much more appealing than before.

    One other difference is that the cheeseburger comes with the cheese on top, instead of embedded in the patty.  I kind of liked the unique embedded cheese method, but the current burger incarnation is still good.

    Burger still generously sized and tasty.


    In the Buns Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries

    In the Buns Cheeseburger & Fresh Cut Fries


    In the Buns Interior


    In the Buns Interior



  • Chris 11:44 am on January 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Flippin’ Burgers Visit 

    Saw the sign for this place a few weeks ago, and found out it was open from some positive reviews on Urbanspoon.  The phrase “tater tots are made from scratch” had my interest piqued, not to mention in-house ground beef.

    The place is way up north at 183 and 1431 in Cedar Park.

    Got the combo meal.  The menu lists fresh made-in-house everything pretty much.  Burger was thin patty, griddled; cheddar available and procured.

    The purported Tater Tots® (registered trademark of Ore-Ida, inventors of the Tater Tot®) are tots in name only. They were more like “battered home fries” to me–small chunks of potato with some breading/crust.  So not even close to what I know as the Tater Tot®–cylindrical potato composites, à la Sonic.  So tot-lovers don’t be fooled, I wouldn’t call these tater tots.  They were tasty nonetheless, however I would definitely try the fries next time.

    Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap, as well as Maine Root Cola.

    All in all, a good burger with quality accessories.  It’s a bit far afield for me, so unlikely to visit again soon.  But if it were more convenient, I could see making it a regular stop.  Definitely need to get back and try the fries and onion rings.



    Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger and Tots

    Cheeseburger and "tots"

    Flippin' Burgers Austin Tots

    "Tots" detail -- tasty, but not "tots"!

    Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger

    Edge Detail

    Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger

    Lacking crust, plus Dry Bun Syndrome (but very nicely toasted bun)


    Filppin' Burgers Austin

    Salt/pepper burger

    Flippin' Burgers Austin

    Check it out

  • Chris 1:11 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    In the Buns Fresh Cut Fries 

    Returned to In the Buns to check out the fresh cut fries.  Burger still delicious (had the cheddar burger again).  Fries much better than the generic frozen curlies I experienced on my first visit (more pix in that post).  They also upgraded the tables–replaced most of the too-small tables that featured the odd fork sculptures with roomier tables sans art.

    In the Buns Burger Joint Fries

    The New Fries

    So the upshot: french fry upgrade and table upgrade = good experience.  Only cons: somewhat grating music, and I wish the combo price were a dollar or two cheaper (comes to $9 and change as is).  This is by far the best burger I’ve found in the area.



    View Larger Map

  • Chris 10:47 am on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    In the Buns Burger Joint 

    Read on Chowhound about a new burger place just minutes from my office so had to give it a try.  Overall I was quite impressed with the burger.  It was very juicy and was a good size–6oz–no thin patty here.  Cooked on a griddle, nice crust development.  The cheeseburger has the cheese mixed into the meat instead of sitting on top…not sure about this technique, but at least they offer cheddar and other real cheese (non American) options.  The bun was good–well toasted, held up to the burger but was not overly bready, and was also top-toasted on the griddle, always a nice touch.

    They offer an array of quality sugar-cane soda options at the fountain–Maine Root sodas, and Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap.

    On the flip side, I thought the fries were pretty much terrible.  They were edible, but were run of the mill frozen curly fries.  Also not a fan of the interior and the tiny tables with the annoying flower sculptures.  The combo price, at $9+ after tax, is a bit steep as well.

    Overall, very good burger.  If they switched to fresh fries made in-house, I’d find it difficult to stay away.

    Check them out on Facebook (they don’t appear to have a dedicated website). Their Yelp entry has quite a few photos.


    View Larger Map

    In the Buns Burger Joint burger

    As delivered--note bun top toasting

    In the Buns Burger Joint burger

    Nice crust development! Nice bun toasting as well.

    In the Buns Burger Joint burger

    Note cheese oozing out from within

    In the Buns Burger Joint burger

    Cross section showing cheddar distribution

    In the Buns Burger Joint fries

    Boring fries

    In the Buns Burger Joint sodas

    Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap!

    In the Buns Burger Joint interior

    Tables too small

    In the Buns Burger Joint sculpture

    Not a fan of these table sculptures...seem to be in the way

    In the Buns Burger Joint counter

    Order up

    In the Buns Burger Joint exterior

    They need better signage

    In the Buns Burger Joint

    In the Buns Burger Joint

    Blurry cross section...need a new camera

    • Jim Howard 3:44 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I live in Anderson Mill, and had no idea these guys were here! I’ll check them out this weekend, thanks.

  • Chris 10:45 am on May 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Dan’s Hamburgers–Good 

    Went to Dan’s recently, an Austin institution.  It’s a reliable favorite.  Griddle patty, frozen faux fresh fries.  Very good onion rings.  Nicely toasted buttery bun–they do the Standard White Bun very well.  Cheddar available.  Overall, a solid griddled thin-patty burger.

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Order at the counter

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Ambiance is a bit lacking

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Medium burger and fries

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Under the hood

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Cross section--typical thin-patty action

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Fries ho-hum frozen variety

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    Dan's Hamburgers Austin

    North Lamar location

  • Chris 1:03 pm on June 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Steak ‘n Shake Thumbs Up 

    Yes, another chain, but this place gets props from Respected Burger Heavyweight George Motz of Hamburger America and the venerable burger blog A Hamburger Today, so have been wanting to try it.  So out to Round Rock I went, via the shiny new 45 Tollway.

    First, a little background, gleaned from the above posts and the Steak ‘n Shake website–their beef is fresh, never frozen.  They have been around since 1934, based in Illinois.  They cook the burgers on a griddle using the smash technique, resulting in razor thin patties with some crispiness to the edges.

    I was surprised when I walked in to see that it is a sit-down restaurant with waiters.  Was expecting the typical fast food experience.  Then I was double surprised to see my food served on a real plate.  I mean a real porcelain plate.  Not a paper-lined plastic basket, not a school-cafeteria style bakelitey plate, but an actual breakable plate.  Nice touch.

    I opted for the badly-named “Cheesy Cheddar Steakburger ‘n Fries”.  I had to get some clarification before ordering it because the picture and description on the menu led me to believe that the “cheddar cheese” would be that liquified type of cheese glop, the kind you see at concession stands at sporting events that is spooned out of a hot vat with a ladle.  The waitress explained that they take actual grated cheddar, melt it in a cup, and then add it to the burger.  Thumbs up.

    Burger was quite delicious for what it is.  Cheese was plentiful and cheddary.  Meat-to-bun ratio good.  Fries were ok–frozen thin cut fries.  Good for what they are, but I always prefer fresh cut fries.  They were very similar to the fries at Freddy’s Steakburgers, or should I say that Freddy’s fries are very similar to Steak ‘n Shake’s…I can now see where Freddy’s got its “inspiration”.  They should have also taken the cheddar idea from Steak ‘n Shake (no cheddar to be found at Freddy’s).

    So, thumbs up to Steak ‘n Shake.  Just wish they had a location closer to central Austin.  There’s one down south and one in Round Rock.

    Steak 'n Shake Austin

    As delivered...real plate!

    Steak 'n Shake Austin

    Cheesy Cheddar Burger

    Steak 'n Shake Austin

    Fries OK

    Steak 'n Shake Austin Cheesy Cheddar Steakburger

    Cheesy Cheddar Cross Section

    Steak 'n Shake Austin


    Steak 'n Shake Austin

    Their Famous Slogan

    Steak 'n Shake Round Rock

    Round Rock Location

    • sean 10:09 am on August 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Their burgers are frozen and thawed for use. Wendy’s is the “fresh, never frozen” boaster.

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