All Star Burger 

Popped in to All Star Burger during a rare trip to that neck of the woods.

Like most new burger places these days, they tout fresh hormone-free beef, never frozen, etc.  Burger was ok, nothing spectacular.  The size was good, seemed a bit thicker than the standard thin-patty, and was cooked well (some pink inside).  Veggies were fresh, cheddar was “Tillamook”. Bun was a bit of a distraction–too thick, too interesting in its own right.  A proper bun should just do its job of holding the burger, and get out of the way.  But a nice presentation, reminded me a bit of Smashburger.

Not bad

Not bad

The real killer was the fries–boring frozen fries.  As I’ve said before, I don’t see the point of having a fresh burger and fresh bun and fresh this and hormone-free that, and not serving fresh house-made fries. Especially in Austin, where we are drowning in real french fries.  And they are so much better than the afterthought frozen french fry.

So overall a nice place, nice presentation, decent enough burger, but the weak fries really leave a bad impression.

all star burgers

Nice digs