Flippin’ Burgers Visit

Saw the sign for this place a few weeks ago, and found out it was open from some positive reviews on Urbanspoon.  The phrase “tater tots are made from scratch” had my interest piqued, not to mention in-house ground beef.

The place is way up north at 183 and 1431 in Cedar Park.

Got the combo meal.  The menu lists fresh made-in-house everything pretty much.  Burger was thin patty, griddled; cheddar available and procured.

The purported Tater Tots® (registered trademark of Ore-Ida, inventors of the Tater Tot®) are tots in name only. They were more like “battered home fries” to me–small chunks of potato with some breading/crust.  So not even close to what I know as the Tater Tot®–cylindrical potato composites, à la Sonic.  So tot-lovers don’t be fooled, I wouldn’t call these tater tots.  They were tasty nonetheless, however I would definitely try the fries next time.

Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap, as well as Maine Root Cola.

All in all, a good burger with quality accessories.  It’s a bit far afield for me, so unlikely to visit again soon.  But if it were more convenient, I could see making it a regular stop.  Definitely need to get back and try the fries and onion rings.



Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger and Tots

Cheeseburger and "tots"

Flippin' Burgers Austin Tots

"Tots" detail -- tasty, but not "tots"!

Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger

Edge Detail

Flippin' Burgers Austin Burger

Lacking crust, plus Dry Bun Syndrome (but very nicely toasted bun)


Filppin' Burgers Austin

Salt/pepper burger

Flippin' Burgers Austin

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