A Visit to Mighty Fine

Hit Mighty Fine in the horribly designed Arbor Walk shopping center for lunch Friday.  Surprisingly the Mighty Fine line was quite manageable (not true of the line to exit the shopping center).  Burger was good as usual.  Nothing transcendent, but a good solid fresh griddled burger, albeit a touch dry.  Fries good but not as good as P. Terry’s.  Too thin here, not enough potato meat on the fry.  Like many other newer burger joints in town, Mighty Fine touts fresh beef, fresh cut fries, etc.  So a decent burger experience.

Urban Planning Fail
There is a major flaw in the layout of this shopping center.  The last few times I have been, the line of cars waiting to exit is crazy.  It took us maybe 15 minutes to get out.  There are two exits at the far ends of the center, and when the place gets a bit crowded, the exits clog up and a line of cars forms at both exits.  It’s ridiculous, and is enough of a deterrent for me to avoid Arbor Walk at all costs.  Will have to try the newer Mighty Fine in Round Rock next time.

Mighty Fine Burgers Austin Interior

Kuntry Interior

Mighty Fine Burgers Austin Beef Prep room

The Beef Room

Mighty Fine Burger Austin

Jr. Burger

Mighty Fine Burger Austin

A tad dry, plus Dry Bun Syndrome

Mighty Fine Burger Austin

Sub-Patty Vegetable Placement

Mighty Fine Burger Austin Fries

Fresh cut fries