Cheddar Pour First-Hand Report

A friend actually ordered and consumed a Cheddar Pour burger from J&J the other day.  Here is his photo (which settles the bun-or-no-bun confusion of my first Cheddar Pour post) and his assessment (emphasis mine):

Wow.  Bun nicely greased too!

Wow. Bun nicely greased too!

I think my colons may actually drop out of my body.

Pretty good burger underneath it all – 1/2 lb flattened, irregular patty – maybe a spatula mash on a griddle? Fresh fixins – tomato, lettuce, pickle, onion. Toasted buns. Fresh diced jalapenos available at the salsa bar.

It’s really something you have to try – words are inadequate to describe how much f*cking cheese is on this thing.

Didn’t try any sides with the burger, but did get a couple of breakfast tacos, which were huge and good and cheap – buy 1 get 1 free. Probably 6 eggs on each, for under $2 total. Crazy. Place won’t be around long with the quantities they’re serving and low prices. (Burger was less than $7.50, which including a pound of cheddar is pretty cheap as well…)

Burger was a good 7 inches across, with 1/2 lb patty, piles of veggies, and, as you can see, half of a cow’s daily output of cheese. Definitely not a fast food burger.

J & J Barbeque & Burgers
4005 W Parmer Ln (pretty horrendous website, warning: obnoxious music will play when you visit)