Hopdoddy North

Made it out to the hoppin’ Hoppdoddy’s new north location.  We got there early enough to avoid the crowd.  When we left, there was a line out front.  Burger was good, but nothing great.  All fresh in-house made stuff (bun, beef, even ketchup).  Maine Root on tap.  Hipster vibe.  Burger was good, but did not cross over into greatness territory.  Bun was too sweet.  Burger was too perfectly round (handled by machine?).  Lacked sufficient crust and beefy flavor.  Fries good!

Agree with A Hamburger Today’s assessment for the most part.  Everything looks and sounds great, but it just doesn’t come together as one would expect to produce a stellar burger.

Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

Fries Good

Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

Burger not bad…but should be “great”


Hopdoddy Burger and Fries

Under the hood–patty too perfectly round, lack of crust


Hopdoddy Burger

Cross section, decently cooked (sign of pink remaining)