Seasoning Salt Alert

Popped into Freddy’s Steakburgers for lunch as I was up in the area perusing the Cedar Park Half Price Books store.  Was disappointed with my visit to Freddy’s.  Previous visits have been fairly reliable–decent fast food burger, decent fries.  Nothing special, but not bad.  Today was different.  The burger was about the same, but the fries were terrible.  They were doused in seasoning salt, which is criminal.  There are very few valid uses for seasoning salt, and french fries are not one of those valid uses.  The Freddy’s fries are so thin that they became salt sticks.  Horribly salty, with that paprika-ey seasoning salt taste.  Just awful.  Could not finish them, which is saying a lot.

I feel so strongly about this issue that I created a Facebook Cause to address it.  Please consider lending your support to this important cause.

I think I’m done with Freddy’s after this last visit.