Moonie’s on Anderson Mill & 183

Stopped in for lunch at the new Moonie’s location today.  They have only been open six days.  The place was busy, almost all the tables were full.  No problems with service though.  Looks like they have it down.  Order at the counter, they bring you the food.  It’s a large restaurant (seems larger than their Cedar Park location).  Nice space on the corner of the strip mall, so lots of windows.

Burger and fries were about how I remember them from my first visit to their Cedar Park location almost two years ago.  Bun is sweet.  Patty is 6oz., griddled.  Cheddar available.  Fries are crispy-coated frozen-ish fries.  Bun top-toasted.  Overall, burger was OK, but very dry unfortunately.  Bottom bun suffered from Dry Bun Syndrome, which did not help.  Fries are good for what they are.  Onion rings looked good but I did not try any (pricey at $2.99).

So overall, a decent but not great burger in a pleasant atmosphere.  A nice option at least to have up here in North 183 Land.

Moonie’s Burger House
13450 Resarch Blvd (183 & Anderson Mill)

Moonie's Burger Basket

As delivered to the table

Moonie's Burger under the hood

Under the hood--note very nice bun toasting

Moonie's Burger House Bun

Top-Toasting Detail--a nice touch

Moonie's Burger House Burger

Cross Section...too dry!

Moonie's Burger House Burger Patty

Too dry, too round, weak crust

Moonie's Burger House interior

Pleasant digs